Tuomas SahlstenLecturer in Pure Mathematics since 2017
PhD from University of Helsinki 2012, Research Fellow in Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and then Marie Curie Fellow in University of Bristol 2015-2017. WebsitearXiv
Office 2.120, Alan Turing Building, E
mail: tuomas.sahlsten ‘at’


Clifford GilmoreMagnus Ehrnrooth Research Fellow since 2018
PhD from University of Helsinki in 2017. Website, arXiv
Works on applications of linear dynamics in ergodic theory and quantum ergodicity.
Office 1.217, Alan Turing Building, Email: clifford.gilmore ‘at’


Connor StevensPhD Student since 2017
MSc from University of Manchester in 2017
PhD project on quantum chaos and fractal uncertainty principle.
Office 2.126, Alan Turing Building, Email: connor.stevens ‘at’


Joe ThomasPhD Student since 2018
MSc from University of Birmingham in 2018, The Dean’s Prize Award from Manchester in 2018
PhD project on quantum chaos and thermodynamical formalism in non-smooth dynamics.
Office 2.126, Alan Turing Building, Email: joe.thomas-3 ‘at’


Master students

Tianhong YangMSc Student since 2018
MMath project on maximal operators in ergodic theory




Majduleen ZeyadehMSc Student during 2018
MSc dissertation on maximal operators on graphs



We are also part of the Analysis and Dynamical Systems group in the School of Mathematics, University of Manchester.